Introduction to Easy Board

The Easy Board wall panel is a new innovative, patented product with a variety of features which combined achieves a very high standard of insulation. The Easy Board combined with easy detailing is a synergy of what is good about all the products and methods currently in use and dramatically improves upon these. This coupled with good detailing that is simple, effective and cost efficient has lead to this new product being made available. It also takes into account the deficiencies and problems with current products and provides effective and comprehensive solutions.

Easy Board is made from 100% Irish materials and is Irish owned.

Image of a typical Easy Board

Easy Board Panel


What is Easy Board?

Easy Board is an insulated wall panel that basically consists of two layers of Rigid Insulation of varying thickness, one layer of 11mm Orientated Strand Board (OSB) and a 12.5 mm layer of plasterboard to the front. Integrated into the panel are all the typical services that you might expect to find in your domestic house. These would vary from wall sockets and T.V points to the heating pipes that supply the radiators. The Easy Board Panels typically come in sizes of up to 2.7metres x 1.2metres but this varies depending on the application. The Easy Boards are designed and produced to be fitted in individual projects. Easy Board not only deals with the insulation aspect, but also provides construction details that ensure that Easy Board in its use integrates with the other building elements to provide the maximum solution.

Below is a typical section through

Easy Board Panel

Why choose Easy Board

The most important advantages of the Easy Board system are:

  1. Continuous vapour control layer.
  2. Total continuity of insulation.
  3. Achieves air tightness.
  4. Continuous fixing layer.
  5. Integrated services in Easy Board.
  6. Quick heath gain.
  7. Diminished thermal bridging.
  8. Improves your home’s energy rating (BER).
  9. Environmental & financial gains.


1. Continuous vapour control layer

Easy Board insulation has a Continuous Integrated Vapour Control Layer which in turn stops the build up of interstitial condensation.

Interstitial condensation occurs when warm, moist air from inside a building penetrates into a wall construction and meets a cold surface. This causes the air to cool, lowering its capacity to carry moisture, and resulting in condensation on the cold surface. The vapour control layer in Easy Board is tested to stop this moist air in the room meeting the cold external wall thus no Condensation or mould growth will take place.

See below The poor existing internal insulation methods

  • Insulated internal ‘dry lining’ of solid walls. This consists of insulation between battens fixed to the walls and lined internally with plasterboard, or of thermal board fixed directly to the walls on battens or plaster ‘dabs’. Warm moist air that penetrates behind the lining board will meet the cold inner surface of the external wall, resulting in condensation and potentially rotting or corroding the battens.

In all of these cases, the insulation could become saturated and therefore ineffective.

2. Total Continuity of Insulation

The Easy Board lends itself to all types of construction but is particularly suited to masonry construction which means for probably the first time ever, there is a consistent and repeatable way of effectively insulating such buildings. On completion of the wall process, it can be seen by clients and architects alike that the external walls are fully insulated.

Easy Board installation

The following diagram illustrates the total continuity of insulation in a building insulated with Easy Board.

Easy Board Section

3. Achieves air tightness

This product achieves an airtight building by having the panels and its joints airtight as well as having a system of sealing them to the others and joining building elements.

Airtight tapes at joints

Easy Board Insulation


4. Continuous fixing layer

The pipes are installed at the correct positions for plumbers to simply attach the radiators. The size of the radiators for each room is determined by Easy Building Systems. All the heating pipes are protected from the outside by a continuous layer of insulation therefore there are no distribution losses on the heating system through the walls.

The layer of O.S.B integrated in the board offers a solid and secure fixing point for the board itself it also allows a whole host of other items to be fixed to the board.

Radiator fixed over O.S.B. layer

Easy Board
Easy Board

The above image shows some of the items that can be easily fixed to the Easy Board, ie kitchen units, radiators, skirting boards, TVs, curtain poles and shelves.

5. Integrated Services in Easy Board

All the services are integrated into the boards and are installed in a factory situation in a location of your choice. Therefore the human error on site is eradicated and the finished product is perfect.

The pipes are installed at the correct positions for plumbers to simply attach the radiators The size of the radiators for each room is determined by Easy Building Systems. All the services are integrated into the boards and are installed in a factory situation. Therefore the human error on site is eradicated and the finished product is perfect.

Electrical services integrated into Easy Board

Easy Board Enlarged Image

Plumbing pipes integrated into Easy Board and radiator fixed to Easy Board

Easy Board and Radiatior


Easy Board facilitates the installation of wall sockets

Easy Board Wall Sockets

6. Quick Heat Gain

With internal insulation one of the big advantages is quick heat gain. Quick heat gain is a result of the insulation being applied on the warm side of an external wall and no heath is lost into the blockwork. As a result, the room heats much more rapidly than any other form of insulation.

7. Diminished thermal bridging

Traditional internal insulation with massive heat loss around a socket and the joints.

This thermal picture is taken of an existing method of insulating. The darker colours show heat loss through the joints and the sockets. The dots you can see are the fixings that hold the board to the wall these are plastic fixings shown which is a lesser cold bridge than metal fixings but they are not fire rated.

Traditional Internal Insulation

Easy Board insulation with no heat loss around a socket

This thermal photo shows the exact same wall with the Easy Board |Installed. Notice it a quite boring photo. This is good as there is no heat loss!

Easyboard Internal Insulation


8. Improves your home’s energy rating (BER)

With Easy Board internal insulation, you can achieve a very high standard of insulation, with u values lower than what is required in the current building regulations which significantly improve your BER. It also offers air tightness to external walls and almost eradicates Thermal Bridging, all of which goes towards improving your BER.

What is a BER

  • A BER is an indication of the energy performance of a home.
  • A BER is similar to the energy label for a household electrical appliance like your fridge. The label has a scale of A-G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and will tend to have the lowest energy bills.
  • From the 1st of January 2009, a BER certificate became compulsory for all homes being sold or offered for rent. If you are buying or renting a house or apartment, you are entitled to a BER so ask the seller, landlord or agent for it.
  • A BER is also required, subject to transitional arrangements, where construction of a new home begins on or after 1st January 2007.


9. Environmental & financial gains

Easy Board insulates the walls of your home to an incredibly high standard which means that heat is not lost here and as a consequence you’re not wasting energy.

The good news is that being sustainable in how you use energy has immediate benefits:

  • It will save you money on your electricity and heating bills.
  • Your home will be more comfortable and convenient.
  • You will also be making a vital contribution to reducing climate change.

Believe it or not, the small actions you take to be more energy efficient in your home can have a very significant impact on improving the environment. The collective efforts of individuals can often be the most powerful of all.

Benefits for home owners

  1. The homeowner can have certainty about the level of Insulation and air tightness they can achieve from their external walls before construction commences. Short video here
  2. The insulation is in the room and so no heat loss occurs into the fabric of the building. This in turn means that the room heats up and stays warm as soon as the heating system is turned on in the house.
  3. The homeowner can get the cost of insulating the external walls before construction commences.
  4. There are continuous solid fixing points all around the external walls which allows the homeowner to hang items such as curtain poles, shelves, T.V brackets etc.
  5. Services are integrated into the boards which means that radiator pipes project out from the wall instead of the floor. This means that there will be no unsightly joints in floor coverings around pipes and cleaning is made easier.
  6. When the home owner moves in on completion of the project they can be sure of a well insulated building which improves quality of living. It also reduces heating bills dramatically thus saving you money.
  7. Easy Board helps improve your BER rating thus increasing the value of your home as well as reducing its carbon footprint and consequentially having a positive impact on the environment.

Easy Board Heating

Benefits for builders

  1. At a time when regulations are changing rapidly this is a cost effective, simple and easy way to achieve almost all the goals set out in the new building regulations and technical guidance documents.
  2. The product is simple in its nature, promotes forward planning from designers and clients and gives huge savings on time, material costs and waste.
  3. Easy Board supplies drawings and details to builders on how to prepare for the installation of Easy Board
  4. Easy board cuts out a substantial amount of work for electricians and plumbers. For example: Electricians don’t have to affix conduit to the walls and back boxes as they already come pre fitted in Easy Board. The plumbers don’t have to fix grounds in the wall for hanging radiators etc because they can screw them to the continuous layer of OSB that is integrated in the Easy board.  Carpenters can affix skirting’s etc to the boards through the OSB.


Benefits for architects

  1. The insulation product is supplied and installed from one supplier and so the architect has only one point of contact when dealing with the wall insulation.
  2. The building details and drawings which are required to give maximum insulation are supplied by Easy Board to make the design and build easier.
  3. Owing to the jointing system that is employed with easy board, walls that are insulated with Easy Board have air tightness.
  4. Walls that are insulated with Easy Board have no, or significantly reduced thermal bridging thus the bridging factor is reduced for BER calculations.
  5. Owing to the fact that there is only need for a 50mm cavity wall, construction details at wall plate, windows, etc can be much easier to design and construct.
  6. On visual inspection when Easy Board is installed the continuity and level of insulation in the walls can be seen and verified.
  7. As the boards for the individual jobs are cut and produced in a factory situation, there is a far greater amount of accuracy in the cutting of the boards. As the boards are installed by Easy Board the high level of quality can be guaranteed here also.


Does Easy Board suit my building?

Easy Board has at the heart of its design the aim of being a high performance insulation product with numerous additional benefits that make it as functional as possible for the end user. With this in mind it is suitable for almost all types of wall construction and in consultation with the Easy Board technical team, we will be able to provide the most comprehensive solution.

Easy Board is suitable for use with the following types of wall construction.

  1. Cavity wall construction.
  2. Solid block wall construction.
  3. Hollow block wall construction.

New Builds

Easy Board can provide the best solution for new build construction and by incorporating Easy Board Building details during construction this can be the ideal system. By using Easy Boards easy construction details, you can maximise the Easy Board benefits.

Renovations & Extensions

Easy Board can be used equally as well in Renovations or extensions. In consultation with the Easy Board technical team, we can advise on the most appropriate solutions to you particular circumstances. By using Easy Boards easy construction details, you can maximise the Easy Board benefits.

When should I contact Easy Board?

To maximise the effectiveness of Easy Board, we should be contacted at the design stage of your project. This will enable us to liaise with the design team and incorporate specific detailing which is integral to the system.

The ideal procedure is outlined below:

  1. Contact us by calling one of the numbers provided, or send a “contact me” email and one of our staff will get back to you.
  2. We can provide a quotation for the job once we receive preliminary drawings for the project.
  3. If this quotation is accepted we will contact the customers design team to furnish them with the technical details that are required to incorporate Easy Board in the project.
  4. Easy Board will liaise with the client, design team or builder to arrange delivery dates and fitting schedule onsite. The installation of Easy Board can be managed from the outset to ensure that it fits seamlessly into the construction programme onsite.

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